In 1979, the Boomtown Rats released a song called “I don’t like Mondays”. It topped the charts in the UK and was the leading single for their album The Fine Art for Surfacing. Amongst other awards, the song was voted single of the year in the British Pop and Rock Awards.

Radio stations across the world still play this song, in fact, there are radio stations that play this song on every Monday at a certain time.

I don’t think the Boomtown Rats didn’t like Mondays. I think they loved it, but Brenda Spencer, a 16 year old girl, living in San Diego, did. She hated it to such an extent that she opened fire on her school, killing two people and injuring nine kids.

When asked why she did it, she said she hated Mondays and she wanted to liven it up a bit.

Brenda isn’t the only one that doesn’t like Mondays and even though there aren’t conclusive statistics on the percentage of people that do hate Mondays, It is reported that is the most talked about day on social media. Do a Google search on ‘Hate Mondays’ and you get over 22 million hits.

A few scientific reasons have been offered as an explanation as to why we hate Mondays: sleep patterns change from the weekend to the week, a sudden change from Sunday to Monday, you are less engaged on a Monday. I am of the opinion that all these reasons are only talking to the symptoms and not the root cause.

Here is the root cause of your Monday Blues (without any scientific data to back me up, but you will not win a debate with me trying to debunk my opinion):


Or at least, you are disengaged from it because it is not what you love. And every single “scientific” reason can be brought back to this fact. Try me.

(For those of you who do not fall in this category, move along, nothing to see here)

But, studies have also shown that people who hate Mondays, hate Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays too. Yeah, they would. They are at the same job on those days too.

So now you have 7 days in a week and you hate 4 of them (I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on Fridays). No wait, you have 4.5 of them because come Sunday afternoon and the depression starts. So 62.8% of your week you despise.

What the fuck are you doing with your life, man? Why the fuck are we doing this? What is life about if this is how we are living it? If almost 70% of life is lived, well, like THIS?

Think about this. Even if it is just for a minute and then you dismiss it because you cannot afford the luxury of day dreaming about something better because you have mouths to feed and kids to keep in college.

And then look at these supposedly ‘normal’ people who decided that they had enough and they want to do something every day that they love:
Nisha Katona: from Barrister to successful chef
Karen Beddow: from Property Litigation Lawyer to Travel Blogger
SJ Watson: from Audiology Specialist to writer

I don’t think they hate Mondays.

As for Garfield, that fat cat has absolutely no reason to hate Mondays.

Are you thinking about it? So this is what will happen if you are thinking about it for the first time, even if it is just for a minute:
1. You will think that you are too old to make a switch now.
2. You will think of those mouths to feed and those kids to keep in college, you need your income.
3. You will have no idea what it is that you want to do, but you know this isn’t necessarily blowing your hair back.
4. You will think that stuff like that, you know, stuff like living the dream only happens to other people.
5. You will think it is not possible.

Go ahead and think that. It’s a natural process. Unfortunately you cannot un-see what you have seen in this text and it will start nagging at you.

Come back here and see how I explore this and how I try to inspire you and find solutions for you to actually do this.