All of us will get it, at one point or another. That is, all of us mucking around with other random stuff that is not what The Call is calling us to do.

Allow me to explain the call:

When writers write a story, at some point there is a call to action that is made to the protagonist…you know…Luke Skywalker…Katniss Everdeen…Neo…those guys. They are called to take up “arms” and “fight the fight”. And so it is in real life too. I have a friend who is called to draw children’s illustrations. I have a close family member who is called on to do landscaping. I have a work friend who is called to help people out with technology. They are called. In the Writer’s world, this is called the “Call to Action”. It is the point where the story takes off and shit hits the fan. If those characters decided not to take the call, there will be no story. Katniss Everdeen will go about her life and nothing spectacular will happen and The Capital will have their way with the districts for the rest of time, Luke will still be on a farm somewhere, Neo will still be a douchebag behind a desk, plugged into the Matrix…like you.

That is the call. We all get the call. The call is there from birth. Like Steven Pressfield says, the oak tree is in the acorn all this time, but when the acorn doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, it gets ‘the call’.
The Call is important. If everyone played their part, life on this planet will be different. Like a play on a stage…everybody playing their part makes for order and a good play. A child illustrator here, a landscaper there, a photographer to the left, a writer to the right, it makes for a well organised planet, with love and passion injected into it.

It is your duty to, in the very least, consider what The Call is asking you to do.

Have you received your call? It can come in any shape. Let me know here.