80% of all working people do not enjoy their jobs, or, outright hate it.
Why the hell do you stay?
Does it make sense to stay with something that makes 70% of your time, one third of your entire life unhappy?
What is your excuse?  We have plans and remedies for all of them.

This is what we believe

In random order:

  • We believe NOTHING is impossible. Stranger things have happened before than you breaking out of that job and doing something that makes your heart sing.
  • We believe that happiness is infectious.  Literally.  Which has been proven. If you are happy, you will infect people.  Which brings us to our next belief…
  • …If everyone is happy, the world will see less disasters, tragedies and fucked up shit.  So make sure you are happy as shit…for the sake of all of us.
  • We believe that Mondays weren’t designed to be a drag. Change your mindset or change your job.
  • We believe in the analogy of the plane crash: make sure that you have oxygen before attempting to help anyone else.
  • And when the oxygen mask is on your face, help others.  You cannot receive with a closed hand.
  • If you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.  Any of them…people, animals, anything.
  • We believe that life should be lived in EXTREME GRATITUDE.  Even if everything looks like shit.  We will bet you there is something to be grateful for.  Be grateful.  We cannot stress this enough. Don’t be a brat…say THANK YOU.
  • Be HERE NOW.  Stop wishing for a future that is better or lamenting about a past that was fucking awesome. Be. HERE. NOW. And do stuff now that will make the next moment better.