The Happiness Advantage

When I read this book
I read this book December of 2018 when I came to the realisation that life is shit and not worth living, but here I am and now I need to make it work because offing myself wasn’t an option…something I can talk about later if you want me to. Let me know.

Why I decided to read this book
I got into the habit of listening to podcasts on my car’s Bluetooth on my way to work in the morning and Dan Harris interviewed Shawn Achor on his Podcast, 10% Happier. I am a natural pessimist. I have also read hundreds of books on the topic and none of them stuck, so you can imagine that by now I am once bitten, twice shy, or rather hundred times bitten and two hundred times shy.

But what grabbed me about this one was the fact that Shawn is an advocate of Positive Psychology and what Positive Psychology means is that it looks at the factors of what makes life worth living. When we think of Psychology and lying on the couch, we think of talking about our problems, but positive psychology tackles it from the other end: look at stuff that can make you happy. And even though I am not saying the one can go with the other (since I am a believer of sorting out your trauma), I do believe that in our habit of living in our trauma, we have developed bad habits of looking at the dark side of life.

The second reason, and the biggest reason for me picking up this book was the fact that Shawn base every principle in his book on science. And I need science. If there isn’t science or if it doesn’t make my head explode with happy hormones, then why I am doing it?

Why I want you to read this book
Because I said so.

But also because I firmly believe it is not a book that will waste your time. It is a book that will inspire you, without the fluffy, motivational speaking bullshit. It will give you facts to work with and science to back it.

Read it.

The title is not just a title, it’s a promise.

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